Preparation To Grow Marijuana Seeds

Preparation and supplies to grow marijuana seeds is the beginning of the growing marijuana process. Preparation begins with obtaining your favorite marijuana seeds. Once you purchase marijuana seeds online you should mark what strains you have. It's so easy to throw your seeds into a container and forget which kinds of cannabis you have. Cleaning your environment, testing seed viability, germination, planting and storage is explained using the menu below. Once you have your inventory of marijuana seeds you can begin to determine what kind of growing medium you will use. From there you begin to collect the equipment to germinate. A good hydroponic shop will show you the newest standards in growing cannabis. Germination trays, grow lights, planting containers, fertilizers, nutrients, cleaning supplies can all be bought at one good grow shop. Do some research and make a list of what you'll need. Experience is the best factor, seek those with knowledge and pick their brains for helpful information. Buy a cool marijuana magazine to read up on the latest technology. Start to follow a breeder or grower made famous, like an Ed Rosenthal, his best articles are usually in the grow magazines.

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How To Grow Marijuana Seeds


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